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4 Tips to Make Cord Cutting Easier

Posted by nickadmin on Sep 14, 2017 1:44:13 PM

#1 Give the Antenna a Second Look

Now, on average, cord cutters get 30 channels including the big ones—ABC, CW, CBS, FOX, and NBC—along with a ton of other great channels 100% free! Wondering what you could get for free over the air? Check out to find out what you should pick up with an indoor or an outdoor antenna.

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#2 Forget About Contracts

Often new cord cutters get stuck with the idea that once they sign up for a service they have to keep paying for it. The good news for cord cutters is there are no contracts.

So feel free to jump around and try out different services. Many of them, such as Sling TVHuluDIRECTV NOW, and Amazon Prime Video, all offer free trials.

#3 Don’t Get Tricked Into Overpaying For Internet

Often when you downgrade to Internet only one of two things will happen. They will do their best to convince you to upgrade your Internet speed to a crazy high level or they will try to get you to bundle.

The truth is you really only need 20 Mbps down to get a good streaming experience. (But faster is nice.) So don’t be tricked into the idea that you need a faster speed to stream your content.

They will also try to get you to bundle your service with a phone or TV option. Remember: Don’t get tricked into promotional pricing. They will say anything over the phone but remember when you add services they add fees and often only tell you the promotional rate.

#4 WhyFly Offers At-Home Wireless 1ooMbps internet for $55 per month, zero contract.

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