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Posted by Mike Palita on May 4, 2019 11:21:19 AM

As you may have noticed, the last couple months here at WhyFly have not been our smoothest since starting this journey a few short years ago. As one of the founders I wanted to take a moment and let you know a bit of the story surrounding that.

What the heck happened?

Well, due to the awesome support of the community here, we started to hit some capacity issues in our core network ahead of schedule.  As a result, we frankly rushed some changes and upgrades into production. On top of that, the time window that we ty to implement those changes in was from 3-5am and that simply wasn’t enough time.  So our efforts to minimize the outage window ultimately resulted in longer outages for you later in the evenings, once the network was under more use.

Response time woes☹

So, your internet goes out, you call to get support and cant get anyone on the line.  UGHH! We totally get it, we are customers too and just want to know our problems are being attended to in a prompt fashion just as you do.  We have realized that one of the benefits that the “big guy” has over us, is that they have thousands of support people answering the phones around the clock and that during an outage the same people aren’t working the issue and answering the phones.  We are however a small business and when the “you know what” has hit the fan, the whole team is working the problem and our customer communication has unfortunately suffered greatly.

What are we doing about it

I would love to say all our upgrades and changes are behind us and we’ll never have to do maintenance again, but in a highly technical business like this, we’ll never be finished; we will always be trying to improve your experience.  Our current priorities are continuing to increase capacity (speeds) on our core links, while also segregating the network further so that problems are more isolated going forward. We do emphatically realize though, that these improvements are preferably carried out without your pain and suffering in the process.  I am going to apologize in advance for running the risk of over communicating with you over the next few weeks as we try to improve our communications and strike the right balance of awareness. Along these lines, if a change does go sideways on us, we are working on a better solution to provide you a greater support experience.  Our current plan is to setup a blog for all of you to go to for real-time updates straight from the source of our lead working the issue. I’d love to have an army of folks on the phone, but from a business standpoint we just cant support that today, so we thank you for your understanding on that.

Wrapping up

We love our customers, we love their awesome positive feedback, and we also learn a ton from the tougher constructive feedback.  We live or die based on providing you a contract-free reliable service that you would recommend to your friends and neighbors.  It is our only mission and although we have had our challenges lately, I wanted to take this moment to reiterate that to you all again and thank you for choosing to be part of WhyFly.  

Thank you,

Co-Found Mike Palita & Team WhyFly

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